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TM30Z family with autofocus and serial control

State of the art lenses with new features
Kenko Tokina released new version of its TM30Z series ultra-long-range zoom lenses:

  • TM30Z5050HDDCPN-IR-iAF: 50-1500mm
  • TM30Z2525HDDCPN-IR-iAF: 25-750mm

Both lenses have now implemented iAF – intelligent Autofocus which can operate automatically or can be triggered manually; and are controlled over RS232.
As base lenses, TM30Z5050HDGAIDCPN-IR and TM30Z2525HDGAIDCPN-IR had been released, they were already very innovative, moving away from established concept of incorporated extender, in order to provide higher resolution and precision on optical axis. Especially the TM30Z5050HDGAIDCPN-IR (50-1500mm version) is very unique in the industry, providing unbeatable quality at focal distances up to 1500mm.
TM30Z5050HDGAIDCPN-IR and TM30Z2525HDGAIDCPN-IR are equipped with rotating filter frame, which can accommodate 4 different filters in order to support tailor-made solutions.
Come and see these superior lenses at SPIE in Baltimore, April 16-18th, 2019