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Our security lenses protect and support our lives, installed in different critical infrastructure around the globe. Our machine vision lenses support industry, being the eyes to accelerate automation of critical processes.

Since its entry to the CCTV lens market in mid 80’s, Kenko Tokina CCTV division has been producing lenses with particular focus on performance, durability and quality.


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Made in Japan Optics

Capturing the visual moment of life, shaping it to a form of existing object, and preserving it over a period of time as an evident of the moment…… this chain of process was one of the critical innovations of human beings and has always been the primal attention of manufacturing industry. Inheriting the technology of photography from Europe and America in mid 1800’s, Japan has been dedicating efforts to the production of camera and optics ever since. The manufacturing of optics requires long term process from glass material, and the entire process is consisted of high level of accuracy. The natural-born spirit of manufacturing, that is gifted to people in Japan, has been supporting the extraordinary enthusiasm and patience for manufacturing, and that enabled to keep the constant effort to produce high-quality optics. The perfectionism dwelt in the entire process from designing, grinding, assembling up to quality control and inspection, enabled Japan to achieve the prestige in optical industry.

The innovations often require various aspects to be widely recognized and appreciated by the people to be actually utilized in our lives. Not only the performance and ability of the products, but also quality level, versatility, practicality, sustainability and reasonability including the cost. The key strength of Japan made optics is the balance of these various aspects. The industrial users for example the customers in FA industry require optics in massive amount for inspection devices, thus, the balance especially quality and cost play a most important role. Japan made optics do offer the reasonability along the actual application of all users in the world.

Strength in fundament: Tokina

Profound and extensive knowledge and experience cultivated among photographic and optical industry

Kenko Tokina, with various photographic and optical products in portfolio especially filters, has been in cooperation with numerous optical manufacturers and suppliers. Throughout the experience and collaborations with the leading companies in the industry, we have been cultivating and accumulating know-how and technology, to be integrated into our broad range of products.

High quality standard established by optics for photography, cinema and broadcast

As one of the pioneers of interchangeable lenses for photography, Tokina has been manufacturing premium-quality lenses over the years. Adding highest premium products as cinema and broadcast lenses into portfolio, Tokina has gained ever-growing technology and ability in the entire process, not only for designing but also for production / assembly techniques. The technique and know-how are certainly inherited by the industrial products and contribute in various application to support our daily lives.