This filter transmits wavelengths corresponding to blue LED.
When blue LED is used as the light source, using this filter to cut off all wavelengths except light source improves the contrast.
In general, this wavelength (470nm) tends to be absorbed well by red blood cells in capillaries.
In this case, the red blood cells are imaged in black on the display.


Transmitting DWL (nm)425 — 495
Transmittance ≧ %85
Center Wavelength (nm ±10)470
Half Bandwidth (nm ±10)85
Filter Size M (mm)22.5, 24, 25.5, 27, 30.5, 34, 35.5, 37, 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62
Glass Thickness (mm)4
Filter Color0000ff

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